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Things That Exist: A Slip Designed to Let Brides Go to the Restroom Alone on Their Wedding Day

March 22, 2016

You have to see the Bridal Buddy in action

It’s the age-old problem: How the heck are brides supposed to use the loo in a wedding dress?

Now, there’s an alternative to putting a bridesmaid on bathroom duty: A slip designed to lift up your dress for you.

No, really.

The Bridal Buddy is designed so that brides can lift their entire skirt—no matter how voluminous it may be—and tighten it around their upper bodies with the help of a drawstring. There are even armholes for easy wiping.

Watch the video to see the creative invention in action:

The slip comes in two lengths and is designed to be one-size-fits-most. The product, which was invented by a former bridal shop employee, costs $59.95.

Granted, we’re not sure how the Bridal Buddy would work under body-conscious dresses—or how wedding guests would react when they see you becoming a tulle donut in the restroom.