Watch Women Share the Extreme Measures They Go to in Order to Please Others

April 8, 2016

People-pleasing isn't for the faint of heart


Some people would rather be in an awkward situation than be seen as rude. In this week’s episode of “You’re Not Crazy,” a video series from VProud about various mental-health issues women face, comedian Esther Ku says that a potential employer once showed her nude photos of himself—and instead of running away screaming, she awkwardly deflected to make the situation more bearable.

“Women do this all the time,” Bea Arthur, a licensed therapist, explains in the video. “You’d rather be dead than be rude. There are these societal rules about what’s polite and what isn’t, and that means that the desire is so strong that you would rather risk your safety and sense of wellbeing than be rude to a stranger.”

Watch the whole episode by visiting vproud.tv or watching it here (the above clip was made exclusively for Motto):