Week 2: Find hidden happy moments

Now you’re ready to discover less obvious delights. These rituals will get you going.

Get camera happy. Every day, snap a picture on your smartphone of something that makes you happy. “This way, you’re watching out for the things that bring you pleasure; it keeps you in joy-seeking mode,” says Rubin.

Brighten up. Choose a color and try to spot it all day (your favorite green sweater, the green pen at your desk). “There is a ton of research linking color and happiness,” says Rubin, “and it’s so easy to take in color from the world.”

Reframe the negative. You know those things that usually sour your mood? Try turning them into treats. Maybe you hate getting up when it’s dark out. “You have to wake up either way,” says Rubin, “so look for the parts that are nice, like how you love the quiet of your kitchen in the morning when it’s just you.”

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Week 3: Practice joy on command

Little bits of pleasure can give you a lift even when you’re feeling seriously down, says Tan: “A bad mood is like being in a dark room, while those little moments of joy are like candles.” Make your own light when you need it this week with these strategies.

Play your psych-up song. One of the quickest ways to boost your mood is to listen to upbeat music, research has shown. “It’s like dialing happiness 911,” says Rubin.

Jump around. Do explosive movements for a few seconds. “I always tell people who need a pick-me-up to do 10 jumping jacks,” says Rubin. “It’s childish, it’s playful, and it gets you pumped up right away.”

Spread some cheer. On a crappy day, randomly select a few people walking by and secretly send positive vibes. “Just think, ‘I wish for that person to be happy,’” says Tan. “Being on the giving end of a kind thought is rewarding. You’ll be happier than you were five seconds ago.”

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